Thank You!

I mentioned I was close to a milestone, and you delivered in a huge way to get me there and beyond. Thank you for over 100 streams in a day, bringing my single – ‘Find You’ to over 1000 plays! (This was a little while back now, so we’re actually well beyond now!)

Almost To One Thousand

Thank you everyone for streaming, sharing, and playlisting my latest single ‘Find You’ enough to bring it to this important milestone so soon! Today could be the day we hit 1000 plays on Spotify!

Any streaming, sharing, and adding to playlists today is greatly appreciated!

New Playlist – Triple 25 Vol. 1

I’ve collaborated with a bunch of undiscovered artists such as myself to put together this mixtape style playlist and see if we might connect with a few more people. If you’ve got a minute, hit play and prepare to enjoy some new tunes! Just jumping in for a minute or two makes a huge impact on how visible the playlist is on Spotify.

My First Taxi Forward!

I am so thrilled about this! I’ve been working on ‘Find You’ for probably about three years now, and it looks like all the hard work perfecting my songwriting, recording, mixing, etc. skills is finally starting to pay off. Here’s my crazy long Facebook post about it:

And here’s the song if you haven’t heard it yet!

New Shows

I’ve got a few new shows on the way! I plan on being busy playing lots in 2018, so keep an eye on my calendar.