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Live Musician | Producer | Voice/Music Instructor | Recording Engineer | DJ | Session Musician | PA Rental | Live Sound Technician

Live Musician
Haven is equipped to play at venues of all sizes. He comes with a solo setup that can bring a very large sound that will not disappoint in a packed stadium. He is also more than happy to play acoustically in very small venues. The sound and stage that comes with Haven Yates is very scalable and fully self sufficient. If you have the space, Haven can bring the sound.
Haven appreciates a great many styles and can help you acheive your best sound in the most comfortable setting. He has worked with a range of genres including Folk, Singer/Songwriter, Hardcore, Emo Rap, Country, Worship, CCM, and more.
Voice and Music Instruction / Coaching
After being asked many times if he gives voice lessons, Haven has decided to officially offer teaching services. Local voice and guitar lessons are available, but online courses are a possibility as well.
Recording Engineer
Haven has the equipment and the skills to make your music shine. From pre-production to mastering, he can take you every step of the way, no matter how big or small your project. For larger projects, Haven is equipped with a Pro Tools 10 HD3 32x32 recording rig.
Need to have a great playlist pumping at your next party? Haven can bring the noise to your event. Let's get dancing!
Session Musician
Need a bass, guitar, or tenor male vocal track? Haven is happy to accomodate. Long distance is no problem. Send your reference track and get back stems in whatever format you need.
PA Rental
Haven's PA includes 4 JBL JRX 225 Dual 15" Speakers, 4 JBL JRX 18" Subs, 4 passive JBL monitors, a 16 channel mix wizard sound board. This setup has succesfully scaled down to small venues, but provides plenty of power for large venues such as baseball fields and outdoor amphetheaters.
Live Sound Technician
Haven comes from an extensive live sound background. If you're short a "sound guy," he's your man.